My camera is plugged in but I don’t get an image

On rare occasions, it might happen that despite having the correct cables correctly connected to the USB ports, the camera screen is active but no image is displayed.

  • Make sure that you have connected the cable correctly to the correct port. If you are not getting an image, please try removing any hub/dock/extender you might have.

The camera might work with third-party cables, but as there is such a high number of extenders and cable brands out there, we cannot guarantee that the Huddly camera works perfectly with all of them. For more information on third-party hubs and cables that are certified to work with Huddly, please see this FAQ.

  • You might also want to check for interference between video conference tools. The camera can only be active in one video conferencing application at a time.

Please be aware that you need to open a camera or video conference application to actually use the Huddly camera. The Huddly App is not a video conference tool. 

General note:

Windows and Mac OSX do not allow you to have several video streaming applications running simultaneously. Therefore, please close all open, or in use, video programs before you restart or refresh the program you want to use.

The first time any Huddly camera is plugged into your Windows device, it will automatically try to search and install new or additional drivers. The time varies for each device and internet connection. Please give it some time and try again if this process seems to stop.

If you still encounter the same situation, please contact support for further assistance.

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