Which cable should I use?

The Huddly cameras can be used in different scenarios and setups, and depending on this, different cables might be needed. 

When you receive your Huddly camera, depending on the kit you purchased, it might include a 0.6 meter cable perfect for laptop scenarios.

Please note that if you purchased a Huddly camera without a cable included, you can use a different USB cable, but for all other cables that have not been provided through an official Huddly reseller/distributor or have not been purchased through us, we can not guarantee an optimal functionality and Huddly will not provide any support on these.

There are many different cable producers, with different qualities and variations. The USB-C cable that comes packaged with the Huddly products have been tested to ensure it functions optimally.
Please note that cables need to be used in proper conditions, with no knots, not exposed to heating sources and no weight restraints on the cable for optimal functionality. 

For distances above 2.0 meters, you would need an Active USB 3.0 cable, a cable which includes a chip to boost its performance. These cables, in general, are seen in Huddle room setups, fixed/stationary meeting rooms. These cables can be obtained through a Huddly reseller near you, or by visiting our Accessories page.
The cable lengths we have available at the moment are 5 meters, 10 meters and 15 meters extension cables. 

For our latest camera models, Huddly L1 & Huddly S1, the kit comes with all necessary cables (2 m ethernet cable, 0.6 m USB-C cable). You can swap out these for longer cables if needed, but please see this FAQ regarding L1/S1 cables.

For more questions, comments about cable lengths, or missing items in your order, please contact your Huddly reseller/distributor or our Support team.

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