Third-party equipment: Huddly approved

In general, we recommend using Huddly branded cables for optimal compatibility. You can find the specs for all of Huddly’s cables here.

Huddly cameras are USB-powered and compatible with any platform. They are perfect for small huddle rooms, medium size meeting rooms, and open collaboration spaces. Just plug it in and you are ready to go.

In some scenarios, longer cables or hubs might be needed to integrate the Huddly camera with your video conferencing solution. 

The following third-party hubs, extenders and cables are known to work with Huddly cameras.

It is important to note that Huddly does not provide support on these.


  • Newnex USB 3.0/3.1 Gen 1 Industrial 4-Port Hub
    This Hub can be used with 1 Huddly GO or IQ camera connected using our 0,6 meter and 2 meter cables directly or using a powered cable. If other peripherals are connected to the Hub, we strongly recommend using a powered cable. 


The following Newnex cables have been tested with Huddly IQs:


Wireless conferencing devices

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