What do I do if the Huddly App freezes during upgrade?

Don’t be alarmed if the Huddly App freezes or crashes during the software upgrade process. This does not damage the camera, which will only stay on, or go back to, the version it was on before the upgrade process began.

If the Huddly App should crash or freeze during this process, please take the following points into consideration:

  • Please make sure your bandwidth/internet connection is good.
  • Close any video client application programs where the Huddly camera might be in use.
  • The time it takes to upgrade the camera will vary, but should normally not take too long. If the app has been stuck upgrading for a longer period of time, please try to force quit and restart it.
  • You could also unplug and replug the camera before restarting the upgrading process.

If the upgrade still fails, please try connecting the camera to a different computer and run the upgrade there. 

Should you still experience issues, please contact Support using the form linked below.

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