Huddly App macOS security vulnerability

A vulnerability has been identified in the Huddly App for macOS, that allows an attacker to run malicious software disguised as the Huddly App.

Applications built with Electron can by default be run as a regular node process from the terminal on macOS. When running as a node process, it will inherit the same TCC (Transparency, Consent, and Control) permissions as the application in question. It can also gain heightened privileges by prompting the user for these all while being disguised as the original application.

This can be exploited for code injection, enabling an attacker with access to easily run malicious software on the host.

Affected products

  • Huddly App on macOS earlier than 3.5.10


Upgrade the Huddly App for macOS application to version 3.5.10 or newer from

See details about the update here:

Huddly Support is happy to assist if you have further questions. Contact us here.

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