Huddly compatibility with Mersive Solstice

Huddly IQ and Huddly GO are compatible with the Mersive Solstice Conference feature on the Gen 3 Solstice Pod.

Huddly L1 is currently not compatible with Mersive Solstice.

The Solstice Pod supports USB 3.0 connectivity and will allow up to 1080P@30fps. 

Video experience can be affected by network conditions between the host laptop and the Solstice Pod. Cameras should be connected to the one of the USB 3.0 A ports on the back of the Pod.

Powered USB hubs are supported. Cameras should not be connected to the front USB-C port.

The Solstice Pod should be powered by the Mersive power supply (sold separately). Powering over POE+ will not provide sufficient power to the camera.

Known limitations:

  • Camera firmware cannot be updated from the Solstice Pod
  • The Huddly App will not work when connected wirelessly via Solstice Conference
  • The mic on the IQ is currently not compatible

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