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Huddly compatibility with Barco

Huddly IQ and Huddly GO are compatible with the CX-range (CX20, CX30, CX50). 

Huddly L1 is currently not compatible with the CX-range.

The video experience through the Barco devices is limited to maximum 720p 30fps.

The video experience can be affected by network conditions between the host laptop and the ClickShare, or if there is a high amount of entropy in the image. 

Known limitations:

  • The camera shows up as “Room Camera” on your computer. 
  • You cannot use the Huddly App to control the camera.
  • The microphone on the camera is not available to use.
  • You cannot upgrade the camera firmware from the Barco system.
  • You need to connect the camera using USB-C to USB-C or a powered USB hub. 

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