Huddly IQ & Google Meet Kit

When connecting a standalone Huddly IQ (without microphone, purchased outside the Google Meet Kit bundle) to a Google Meet Kit, the Huddly software on the camera will be overwritten and changed to version and Dual Stream mode used by Google Meet Kit cameras. Some Huddly features are therefore not available.

Connecting the camera back to a Windows or a MAC device will allow you to update the camera back to the latest Huddly software but the camera will stay on Dual Stream mode.

NOTE Dual Stream mode is not reversible!

Features not available on Dual Stream mode:

  • Genius Framing
  • Portrait lighting
  • Huddly Camera Vision options

On Dual Stream mode, there are 2 camera outputs available:

  • Huddly IQ (normal output)
  • Huddly IQ overview (lower frame rate)

This is expected behaviour for Huddly IQ (without microphone) and Huddly GO.
For Huddly GO specific information please see here.

Please note that ChromeOS is not officially supported by Huddly. For supported operating systems and versions please see here.
If the camera is part of a Google Meet Kit, Google is responsible for the release of the software and the support on the camera.

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