Can I adjust the setup of Huddly Crew to my preference?

The Huddly Crew software is designed to optimize the experience in medium to large meeting rooms, using three, front-facing cameras. This setup forms the foundation of our software’s capabilities and has been tested and refined to ensure the best possible experience in these specific scenarios. 

We appreciate our users’ curiosity about different room types and configurations – and we share the excitement! However, the Huddly Crew software has not been fully tested or optimized for every scenario. As a result, the experience may differ from the recommended setups and may not meet the same high standards of excellence.

Therefore, if you have a bigger room, want to place the cameras differently than recommended, add extra cameras, or potentially put two Crew kits together, please be advised that this is currently not supported.

Our current focus is on delivering the best user experience in the specific scenarios for which our software has been explicitly designed. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to exploring future possibilities. 

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