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Huddly Support


How do I enable or disable Genius Framing?

Genius Framing is a feature that lets the camera frame the people in the field of view automatically. It helps the attendees to get the best video meeting experience. With Genius Framing, the camera detects people and chooses how to best set pan, tilt and zoom for the image. This feature is designed to work in small to medium sized closed rooms up to 4×5 m.

It is currently only available for the Huddly IQ and requires the Huddly App to enable or disable the feature. Click here to download the Huddly App.

To do this, please see below.

  1. Connect your Huddly IQ to the device.
  2. Open the Huddly desktop app and tick the “Auto” box.
  1. The background of the pan-tilt screen will become black and the app will start framing automatically.
  1. To disable the feature, just untick the “Auto” box.

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