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Why does Huddly GO only support 720p?

The Huddly GO is primarily designed for video conferencing, and most video conference software clients support 720p as a maximum resolution.

Huddly GO is a 4K-sensor imaging collaboration camera with 720p output. The 16Mp sensor is used to get the 720p output image and to enable the smart features of Huddly GO such as the digital PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom).

The resolution that we output to video conference software clients is in line with what these services provide. You can read more about that here. Here is a brief explanation taken from that article:

Today, the most widely used resolution in video conferencing is HD (1280×720), as the transmission of video images in real time is a very time-consuming task for computers and network resources. That is why a Full HD resolution is considered to be the prerogative of video conferencing products of upper price segment.”

For higher resolution, you can use our Huddly IQ, that has a maximum output resolution of 1080p.

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