What are Speaker and Collaboration mode on Huddly Crew?

Huddly Crew features modes for different meetings and activities, allowing you to select how Huddly Director edits your meeting.

  • Speaker mode keeps the focus on the primary speaker. If another person interjects, the system goes to an overview shot to show both speakers before it switches to a new primary speaker. Ideal for formal or informal meetings.
  • Collaboration mode switches between shots to boosts engagement. Drawing inspiration from TV and movie production, it shows not only the speaker but also non-verbal reactions from listeners. Ideal for interactive, collaborative meetings.

Speaker mode and Collaboration mode are currently only available for Huddly Crew.

To switch modes, please use the Huddly Connect App. Once you select the mode, the new setting will remain in effect until you decide to change it. See this FAQ for more information.

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