How do I find the serial number on the Huddly camera?

In communication with Huddly Support, you will be asked what the serial number of your camera is. This is a guide of where to find the serial number.

The Huddly GO and the Huddly IQ both have the serial number written on the underside of the foot.

For Huddly GO, the serial number starts with a digit. In the example picture below, the serial number is 43J00858.

The Huddly IQ and the Huddly ONE, on the other hand, start with a letter. In the example picture below, the serial number is B40K00577.

For Huddly L1 and Huddly S1, you will need to scan the QR code on the bottom of the camera or the Network Adapter using a QR code app, and the serial number will be a ten-digit number starting with the number 5. The camera serial number will include an A and the Network Adapter serial number will include a B.

You can also locate the serial number of your Huddly camera by copying the camera info from the Huddly App, and paste it in a text document/email. This includes more information than just the serial number, and Support might ask you to do this to get more details if you have a ticket open with them.

Other questions Support might ask you:

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