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The new mounting bracket for monitor/display

Our new and improved mounting bracket is made specially for the Huddly cameras to fit perfectly on top or bottom of the conference screen display.
The design came to mind when we discovered that not all screens are thin enough to just use the integrated foot of the camera. With the mounting bracket, the Huddly cameras will fit any screens out there.

For more details about the mounting bracket, please have a look at the manual on our manuals page.

This updated mounting bracket also allows you to tilt the camera to your desired angle.
It can be placed on top of the screen, as pictured below.

It can also be placed on the bottom of the screen, as pictured below.

There is also an optional way to secure the camera with a Kensington lock via the bracket. The lock prevents the camera to be detached from the bracket.

If you are in need of a mounting bracket, please contact our sales team through the form on our front page in the top-right corner.

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