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Huddly L1 and Bitdefender Security Solutions

We have a workaround for an issue where you are not able to stream video from the Huddly L1 camera when you have installed security solution from Bitdefender. The workaround adds an initial ~5 seconds before the video starts. Huddly is currently looking into how we can avoid this delay. 

Go to %programdata%\Huddly\Config and edit the HuddlyCameraService_settings.json file.

Change the following values:

 “RtspConnectionTimeout”: “1000″,
 “CameraReconnectDelayWhenStreaming”: “5000″,
 “CameraErrorTimeoutWhenStreaming”: “3000″


 “RtspConnectionTimeout”: “10000″,
 “CameraReconnectDelayWhenStreaming”: “10000″,
 “CameraErrorTimeoutWhenStreaming”: “10000″,

Save changes and restart the HuddlyCameraService or reboot the computer.

Huddly L1 camera should now be able to stream when you have Bitdefender installed.

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